Fornax Capital Sponsors Promising New Formula 3 Star

Nicolai Kjaergaard Prepares to race at the first round of the Formula 3 championships at Oulton Park this weekend.

Fornax Capital is proud to announce its exciting sponsorship of rising Formula 3 racing star Nicolai Kjaergaard who drives for the highly successful Fortec Motorsports team.
Here Nicolai tells us more about himself and his expectations for the future..

The Gloves are on

Ready to progress further after his rookie year, Danish F3 driver Nicolai Kjaergaard is part of a new generation of single-seater drivers stepping up a gear in his second season with team Fortec Motorsport after a hugely successful go-karting career. Sponsors of this exciting driver, Fornax Capital, took some time from the 17 year olds hectic schedule to find out a little more about him:

Fornax Capital : How did you get started in motorsports?
Nicolai : My dad and uncles raced when me and my brother were younger, they started out in classic car racing with a Lotus Elan and about that time myself and my 7-year old brother started kart racing, emulating the grown-ups I guess.
Fornax Capital : So it is a family passion then all things motorsport?
Nicolai : I’m the only one turning it into a career, my brother stopped competitive racing but I count him as one of my greatest supporters.
Fornax Capital : What are some of your earliest racing memories?
Nicolai : Our dad would take us to the factory so we could drive karts around the grounds, there weren’t that many places to drive about living in Esbjerg so any opportunity for a spin around the factory was always welcomed.
Fornax Capital : That must make it really tough to get all the practice you need to compete now at this higher level?
Nicolai : I do all my on-track training in England, we only have three tracks over here and they’d not quite prepare you for the rigour of the F3 race scene. I work really hard during all the holidays, spending most of them in the UK testing and training with the team.
Fornax Capital : Tell us a little about your ambitions for the season ahead?
Nicolai : I’m once again driving with some of the sports brightest talent and delighted with my team at Fortec. I fell totally comfortable and at home with the team and I’m working hard to ensure I deliver for them and that I can learn as much as possible all season.
Fornax Capital : How might the team describe you?
Nicolai : Inquisitive! I love everything that is under the hood, the details of the car and an overall understanding of how it all works and so ask lots of questions about how stuff happens.
Fornax Capital : How do you see the next few years panning out? Is there a masterplan?
Nicolai : I am a huge believer in hard work and, with the right focus that good things happen. This season I am excited about getting stuck in to British F3, do well for this and the 2018 seasons and push for an overall win in year two. After that, GT racing for year three or European F3.

Fast Facts
Right now I just got got my licence, for now a VW Golf but I’d love an Aston Martin one day
Racing superstitions
My mechanic told me never to have any, as some day an item might simply not be there so I’ve tried to take his advice. I do however always put my seat belt on in the same way
Apps and gadgets
I am an iPhone man with Facebook to communicate with and keep up with my friends.
Favourite drive
From the border, racing down from my house to the circuit with dad.
Favourite circuit
It has got to be Oulton Park, it is fast, flowing and you can never really relax, there is always something to think about.
Infinity Sports Management

Nicolai Kjaergaard guides his car home to a respectable 5th on his first race behind the wheel of his Fortec Motorsports formula 3 racer.

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