With traditional bank loans becoming increasingly hard to come by, the demand for alternative financing is growing.

The mission of Fornax Capital is to expand its highly secure and profitable Project Financing, Private Equity Investing and Mezzanine Finance solutions in high quality projects, providing stable returns for the company and its investors.

With hands on experience and a successful track record of financing third party projects, Fornax Capital and its partners aim to become one of Europe’s leading Alternative Finance providers to the real estate sector.


The Alternative Financing Market is the fastest growing segment in the financial sector, accounting for US $100 trillion worldwide in 2012. Through the issuance of the Fornax Capital Property Bond the company is able to extend its credit lending facilities to developers, providing strategic and financial support and enhancing profitability for the company while delivering a secure fixed income to its Bondholders.

Fornax Capital aims to help property developers across Europe access the funds they require through project financing. Based in the UK and Denmark, Fornax Capital was incorporated in 2016  to issue corporate bonds for the finacing primarily of large scale real estate projects.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, many businesses have struggled to borrow from traditional lenders. Tighter regulations have meant many small and medium-sized enterprises have failed to meet strict criteria and have been able to access the funding needed to achieve their goals.


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